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Integrated or Standalone Instrument Index Tutorial


An Integrated Instrument Index (database) is a single file and user interface which consolidates (several data sources) into a single more effective or coherent whole, designed to meet the data management requirements of multiple stakeholders over the consecutive and interlinked stages of instrument devices or functions.

The terminology “Integrated” in this context, generally implies software automated work processes that automatically manage data entry or copying of major portions of the data to ensure completeness and accuracy between a work process data entry source and the content of the instrument index file.

Specification Form Integrated Data

About 104 fields are automatically copied to an Excel Instrument Index Data table, whenever a specification document is saved. These data fields are grouped by the following:

  • 11 Document Identifications
  •   8 Administrative Identifications
  • 12 Service Identifications
  • 13 Safety Classifications
  • 14 Component Design Criteria
  •    7 Modeling Physical Data
  •    8 Calibration and Test
  •    3 Component Identifications

Manual Data Entry of Instrument Index Data

About 56 additional manual data entry properties can be managed in the Instrument Index Data table:

  •  4 Location Properties
  •  6 Additional Loop or Tag Properties
  • 23 Milestones and Status
  •  6 Procurement Properties
  • 16 Drawing References
  •   5 System Properties

Custom Views of Instrument Index Data

Seventeen basic custom views of the Instrument Index Data are provided and can be added to and configured:

  • All Components UserForm
  • Additional Loop or Tag Properties
  • Administrative Identifications
  • Calibration Data
  • Component Design Criteria
  • Component Identification
  • Document Identification
  • Drawing References
  • Instrument Index Report Testing
  • Instrument Specification Form Data
  • Manual Data Entry of Index
  • Milestones and Status
  • Modeling Physical Data
  • Normal View (All for design)
  • Process Data Comparison
  • Process Specification Form Operating Parameters
  • Procurement Properties
  • Safety Classifications
  • System Properties

Integrated or Standalone Instrument Index Tutorial Table of Contents

Detailed tutorial of Design Basis and Work Processes for Integrated Instrument Index with Instrument Specification Forms selected data..


     1.1 Copy Selected Data to Instrument Index Data Table2

     1.2 Selected Specification Form Data Subset2

     1.3 Browse Specification Form Data and Status3

     1.4 Extended Manual Data Entry Instrument Index Fields4

     1.5 Comparing Safety Design Conditions5

     1.6 Instrument Index Custom Reports for Deliverables5


     TABLE 1 - Specification Form Integrated Data5

     TABLE 2 - Manual Data Entry Properties of Instrument Index Data Table7

     TABLE 3 - Manual Entry Instrument Index Property Dropdown List8

     TABLE 4 - Custom Views of Instrument Index Data Table10I'm a paragraph. 

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