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FREE Instrument Specification Forms and Integrated Instrument Index

  • ​ANSI/ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrument Identifications Enabled Specification Forms and Instrument Index 
  • 270 Microsoft Word Device Instrument Specification Forms for ALL Industries
  • 2200+ Instrument Types with 2017-2023 Manufacturers Drop-Down List Data
  • ​​100+ Integrated Fields, Plus 50+ Manual Entry Fields Instrument Index Excel Template
  • Dashboard User Interface for Managing Instrument Data Sheet Templates and Instrument Index Files
  •  OSHA Compliant "Suitable for Use" Instrument Data Sheet
  • Extensive Instrumentation Forms and Instrument Index Design Basis and Work Process Documentation and Tutorials​
  • 10 NEW Multivariable Forms for Devices with Local or Remote I/O Including Extensive Point Configuration Data
  • Macro Enabled Microsoft® Word Forms and Excel Templates


About the Instrument Specs and Index Website

ISA-5.1-2009/2022 Instrument Identifications Number Administration and Generation based User interface aims to publish and solicit FREE crowdsourced information about:

  • ISA-5.1-2009 Instrument Identifications Number administration and generation 
  • Instrument device design documentation
  • Consistent product driven specifications
  • Optimize the “suitable for use” determinations
  • Documenting a complete device, accessories and related calibration configuration data
  • Purchase specification review and acceptance inspection of these devices
  • Integrated or STANDALONE Instrument Index template using Excel spreadsheet with extensive custom views aligned with work processes 
Neither InstrumentSpecsandIndex nor its author(s), is (are) associated with a manufacturer or a sales network of a manufacturer of instrument devices.

It is the intention of this website to document any kind of standard production instrument offered by competing manufacturers which publish their technical data on the Internet. Therefore, frequent revisions and addition of specification templates is a goal and expectation of this website.

About the Application

These Specification Forms have been optimized as a comprehensive document for collaboration and Work Sharing within multiple departments and external partners, such as manufacturers or vendors. The forms can be effectively managed using the structure of this application and exchanged with external parties for editing and importing back into the structure.

Many Analogous Phrases Referencing This Style Specification Document Format and Content

Historical precedence and human tendency to shorten references to commonly understood practices or work products, has resulted in many names of different precision, for documents used to specify modern instruments and their cross-reference indexes.:

  • Instrument spec
  • instrument spec form
  • Instrument specification
  • Instrument specification forms
  • Instrument spec sheet
  • Instrument specification sheet
  • ISA TR20.00,01 specification form
  • Process instrument specification
  • Data sheet
  • Instrument data sheet
  • Instrument data sheet templates
  • ISA data sheet
  • Instrument process data sheet
  • Process instrument data sheet
  • Other permeations of these keywords
  • Instrument index
  • Instrument index template
  • ISA Instrument index
  • Instrument index excel
  • instrument index sheet
  • Integrated instrument index
  • Instrument schedule
  • Other permeations of these keywords

This diversity of terminology sometimes hinders recognition of these analogous engineering tools used to manage such data.


Forms Design Based on ISA TR20.00.01 Specification Forms STYLE and CONTENT

Timeline of Forms Development Activity

Relative Magnitude of Instrument Specification Forms

Instrument Specification Forms Relative Magnitude of Instrument Specification Forms
  • A perspective of the quantity of available Device Specification Forms over the last 42 years is identified by comparison to two major publishing.
  • Instrument Specs and Index continues to update or add new forms every quarter

Instrument Specification Forms for All Industries and Applications

  • Analog signal process measurement and final control elements for single variable devices have experienced minimal changes over decades.
  • Digital multivariable instruments with remote communications require extensive additional documentation.
Instrument Specification Forms for All Industries and Applications

Manage Work Processes Using Specification Forms Dashboard

Instrument Specification Forms Work Processes Using Specification Forms Dashboard
  • The integrated Dashboard displays real-time status and access to the available templates, saved forms and multiple Instrument index tables.
  • The predefined file structure can be modified to support additional subfolders that will automatically be accessible through this interface.

Query (Filter) Operating Parameter Forms by Form Number

  • Operating Parameters Forms can be used to document design requirements during the initial Process Engineering Design stage of a project.
  • Their complete data can easily be copied in a single action, to any Device Specification Forms at the subsequent Detailed Design stage of a project.
Instrument Specification Forms Query Operating Parameter Forms by Form Number

Query (Filter) Device Instrument Specification Forms by Component Type

Instrument Specification Forms Query Device Instrument Specification Forms by Component Type
  • Entering, expanding or simplifying the Filter data will automatically update the list of available forms.
  • Frequently a Component Type can be specified on alternate forms of differing technology or complexity.

Select Project Instrument Specification Form Document by Name and Type

The single integrated file structure interface provides status to manage:

  • Saved Specification Forms
  • Sample training data
  • Review of externally edited/imported forms
  • Individual active project segregated forms
  • Typical form default data for repetitive or consistent application
  • Historical project data for review  
Instrument Specification Forms Select Project Document by Name and Type

Review All Instrument Specification Forms/Tags in Instrument Index

Integrated Instrument Index Review All Forms Tags in Instrument Index

Review Integrated Instrument Specification Forms data and/or manually entered Instrument Index data for all or filtered documents or Tags:

  • Custom views of fields
  • Percentage completeness (non-blank)
  • Default sort by Loop Name plus Keywords (Formatted Instrumentation/Tag Number)
  • Sort A to Z or Z to A
  • Consistency/frequency of entered values
  • Color and sort by color
  • Text filter search
  • Enabled Customizable reports for printing
  • All Microsoft formatting and Share functionality

User Friendliness and Consistency Across Forms

  • Instrumentation Identification Number generator maximizes consistent Tag numbers with project's requirements and other Instrument index loop and tag number records
  • Process instrument data sheets for independently documenting process engineering stage work products
  • Legally sufficient process instrument specification data combined with manufacturer’s device performance data, to document “suitable for use” compliance
  • Consistent data organization and technical terminology across all specification forms
  • Designed for Electronic Data Interchange with data import and export capabilities
  • Optional "free format editing" section for general or special requirements not captured in structured data sections
  • Robust Form Titles with generalized scope description along with specific device type subtitle
  • Place holder text identifying fields user did not complete and unlabeled units of measure fields
  • Extensive drop-down list assist data consistency and expected context “by example” where field prompt is not self-explanatory
  • Coordinated multipage forms with repeating header and footer data where applicable
  • Context sensitive help definition for many fields and integration of application help with standard Word’s help
  • Alignment with required data for latest revision of calculation programs
  • Editable Drop-down list values and reports documenting such changes
  • Query style form selection often providing multiple options based on instrument type and application

Nearly Universal Use of Drop-down List of Manufacturer's Data

Drop-Down list of "By-Example" values significantly effect consistency and efficiency of data entry:

  • Technically strong
  • Manufacturers familiar terminology
  • Builds confidence of field prompts
  • Accepts any new values
  • Standardizes identification of Not Applicable (NA)

Instrument Specification Forms Nearly Universal Use of Drop-down List of Manufacturers Data

Application Service Description in Manufacturers Terminology

Instrument Specification Forms Application Service Description in Manufacturers Terminology
  • Collaboration with manufacturers or vendors can be harmonized when common terminology is available.
  • Drop-Down list of manufacturers expertise terminology is available for most forms

Enhanced Text Formatting and Automatic Spelling Check

Review and Approval cycle enhancements can:

  • Highlight changes for quick identification
  • Document recommended value
  • Spell check consistent terms or abbreviations
Instrument Specification Forms Enhanced Text Formatting and Automatic Spelling Check

Copy All Matching Content Control Data Between Specification Forms

Instrument Specification Forms Copy All Matching Content Control Data Between Specification Forms

Enhance work processes and quality with mass copy:

  • Line data to multiple devices
  • Vessel data to multiple devices
  • Typical device data from library of devices
  • Change device form
  • Similar tag's data
  •  Archived project form
  • Externally edited form to project active form
  • Primary element to transmitter 

Quantify Communication Inputs/Outputs for Multifunction Devices

Many smart devices now include extensive signals:

  • Compensate primary measurement
  • Local data collector
  • I/O and recipe for batch processing
  • Interlocks
  • Calculations for display/control
  • Remote inventory management software
  • Software configuration
  • Data and alarm history storage
  • Custody transfer data
  • Wireless communications
  • Dial-up communications
  • Printing
  • Emergency event sequence and documentation
  • Basic Process Control and Safety Instrumented Systems
Instrument Specification Forms Quantify Communication Inputs Outputs for Multifunction Devices

Calibration and Test Table Includes All Multivariable Signals

Consistent and robust Calibration & Test data:

  • Analog. Binary, Digital
  • Predefined alarm or setpoints
  • Local display ranges
  • Communication data configuration
  • Control action for binary wiring design

Instrument Specification Forms Calibration and Test Table Includes All Multivariable Signals

Supports Unlimited Tag Specific Data for Common Main Device

Instrument Specification Forms Supports Unlimited Tag Specific Data for Common Main Device

Complex main devices may share interfacing of multiple similar functions which need tag specific documentation. 

  • Annunciator
  • Local operator work station HMI
  • Recording or data logging
  • Local data collector
  • Remote terminal unit
  • Fieldbus signal junctions

General or Special Requirements Supports Word's Insert Functionality

The optional General or Special Requirements section documents any significant aspects that are not captured within the other sections and can be used by both the specifier and the manufacturer to clarify such issues that need to be agreed upon for completing the work activity. This form part will not print if no data has been entered.

Instrument Specification Forms General or Special Requirements Supports Words Insert Functionality

User Friendly Drop-Down List Customization

Instrument Specification Forms User Friendly Drop-Down List Customization

Extensive functionality to mange customization of drop-Down List.

  • User friendly interface of individual list
  • Printable report of changes per form
  • Optional Email of change report
  • Add new value
  • Modify existing value
  • Remove existing value
  • Move value in list
  • Prevent editing

Macros Provide Enhanced Word Process Functionality

Microsoft macro security is enforced, User is notified to Enable macros at every editing session.

  • Macros are saved with document so that subsequent editing is notified and enforced
  • User recorded macros are available and saved with document
Instrument Specification Forms Macros Provide Enhanced Word Process Functionality

The Bill of RIGHTS

  • ​The price is RIGHT - Free
  • The terms of use are RIGHT - Anything but resale
  • ​​Compliance is RIGHT -  Designed for Regulatory Accountability
  • The applications are RIGHT - Microsoft ® Word and Excel
  • The technology is RIGHT - XML forms plus free format word-processing
  • User-Interface is RIGHT - Consistent Data Organization and User-friendly features
  • The content is RIGHT - Documented Requirements and Manufacture Specifications 
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